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  • GigE Cameras offer the needed bandwidth for high-speed, high-resolution imaging.
  • GigE Cameras are downward compatible for 10/100 MHz Ethernet.
  • GigE cameras are an industrial standard for compatibility and high performance in the machine vision industry based on published AIA GigE Vision standards.
  • GigE Cameras can operate as a local server to control various peripherals and provide straight-forward field diagnostics and upgrades.

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Not all GigE Cameras meet approved GigE Vision Specifications

Although all GigE cameras are Ethernet supported, not all GigE cameras are manufactured to the AIA GigE Vision standard. As a user it is important to understand the difference. The AIA, and its Standard's Committee have developed a standard specification designed for the Vision and Imaging industry. This specification assures you that your video will transfer correctly, and that all Gen<i>cam compliant software will work properly. For more details, please refer to the AIA website.